As part of this work, groups of anti-racist co-conspirators and allies have come together for in-person convenings. At those convening we develop our skills, share resources, and build a network of support among fellow co-conspirators, across organizations.

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Over the last two years, groups  have come together across the country to develop our skills, share resources, problem solve, and build a network among fellow co-conspirators across organizations. The meetings have resulted in a number of follow-up activities and new connections, including the development of this website.

At the October 2016 convening, which we held in Boston, 60 leaders from a dozen cities came together to discuss ways for white education professionals to become better allies and co-conspirators. Thank you to City Year for hosting the meeting at their Boston headquarters, and to the Flamboyan Foundation for providing meals!

The day's sessions included:

  • Resources and strategies for educating ourselves and our peers about the history and current realities of racism in America, and  for engaging with students about racial justice
  • An organizational case study focused on moving beyond representational diversity to building an organizational culture of inclusion and interrupting racist behaviors and structures in our own organizations
  • Small group consultancies regarding specific problems of practice presented by participants 
  • A discussion of structures and commitments for holding ourselves accountable for action, not just talk - and for taking care of ourselves and each others as we devote ourselves to this work

The response to the convening was overwhelming and positive:

I really appreciated this session. I have been involved in anti-racism workshops in the past, and got the most out of this one because of its focus on education.
It was deeply satisfying to be surrounded by education leaders and thinkers who are deeply committed to having courageous conversations about racial issues and inequities that far too many are eager to duck. We know we don’t have it figured out, but we need to be braver to heal some of our nation’s painful racial divisions and build a better world.
You guys are amazing. This was one of the best professional development sessions I’ve attended, because it is with individuals fully committed to moving this work forward and sharing strategies and resources. Need more of these!

We are planning a series of convenings in 2017, with a focus on building regional coalitions of leaders committed to fighting racism in public education and beyond. If you’re interested in helping to build a regional event in your community, please contact us using the form below.

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