Dinners Across Difference

One of the barriers to improving race relations in America is the fact that our cities, towns, and neighborhoods remain segregated by both race and class. Some cities have undertaken "Dinners Across Difference," where white folks and people of color work together to create community. The purpose is to both create new relationships across lines of racial difference, and to discuss local opportunities for, and barriers to, racial justice. Check below to see if your city is participating, and reach out to the organizers for more information. If you're interesting in setting up "Dinners Across Difference" in your city, fill out the form below.

Facilitating discussions about race, class, and privilege can be complicated. We suggest that anyone co-hosting a dinner have significant experience in facilitating inter-racial dialogue. Click the button below to read our facilitator's guide for hosting Dinners Across Difference

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Mora Segal - msegal@achievementnetwork.org

Allison Bajracharya - allison.bajracharya@gmail.com

Lars Beck - clarsbeck@gmail.com

Justin Cohen - juscohen@gmail.com

Maryellen Butke - mebutke@gmail.com

Simmons Lettre - simmons.lettre@gmail.com

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Boston, MA

Los Angeles, CA

Philadelphia, PA

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Providence, RI

Washington, DC